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Pentagraph is a decentralized media organization. 

We combine human language with emerging tech to elevate storytelling in web3.


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Human Input + AI x NFTS = Crystal Ball

Tokenized Community Storytelling

web3 Lore-Creation Services



The web2 media model is broken.

Tokens, DAOs, NFTs, collaborative design, and artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way we humans make and share stories. 

Pentagraph builds decentralized content experiences that create positive sum value in all directions, tilting ownership away from extractive corporations and back to the people who actually make stuff. 

Our content experiences serves a second purpose - as sandboxes for the development of new regenerative crypto-economic tools that heal the media ecosystem at scale. 


All Pentagraph activities - from story creation to services - are operationalized via a DAO.


The Pentagraph community is united by one mission: understanding our shared future. 


From original entertainment, to crucial information to utility, there's a whole party going on. Just hit the Discord icon in the tool bar to get in the mix. 



Pentagraph makes making less lonely. Our rotating carousel of web3-powered content hijinx brings together storytellers from a diverse set of backgrounds.

We are constantly on the look-out for intrepid multimedia masterminds to join our quest. 

If you are a writer, a filmmaker, an artist, or a developer, visit here to submit an application.