Deep Features

Deep Features is a web3-powered magazine elevating long-form storytelling on the Internet. 

We combine tokenized community, remote collaboration, NFTs and AI storytelling tools to drive value for creators and audiences.


The result is an expanding reservoir of powerful stories, utility-driven guides, original art

and events.


It's all accessible to

token-holding community members.  

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Pentagraph is the field guide for our future. 

We produce long-form multimedia features that go deep into tomorrow.  

Content pillars include science fiction, features, and utility-driven guides. Pentagraph does not do bite-sized news, essays, or advertorials. 

Pentagraph enables participation from a cross-disciplinary brigade of writers, artists, technologists and luminaries from the technology and cultural spheres. 

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Each month, Pentagraph announces a theme. Inter-disciplinary collaboration ensues.


Community voting lifts the best stories into the Deep Features on-chain magazine.


The result is a collection of extraordinary content experiences that decode the world around us.

Access to content is token-gated, driving value for all participants.

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Pentagraph is inviting 100 storytellers to join Season 1.


Simply visit here to receive an application. 

Each applicant receives a $tory airdrop, fractionalized ownership in Pentagraph, and access to our token-gated Writers Room. 

The Pentagraph Writers Room includes:

• Opportunity to pitch stories for the Deep Features quarterly on-chain magazine.

• Seminars on web3 storytelling and publishing.

• Access to financial and creative resources.

• Qualification for Lore Machine bounties. 

• Syndication across leading publications and productions.